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Welcome to It Works!
It Works! Coaching & Counseling helps you to effectively deal with conflicts in your work or private life. The approach is based on a unique and very powerful method of self-inquiry. Your problems will be solved through a process of increased awareness resulting in lasting change.


The approach of It Works! focuses on the core of a problem by investigating the thoughts that block you or give you stress. It Works! helps you to test these thoughts against reality so that they will no longer stand in the way of effective action, clear communication and authenticity. Tools that are used include self-management exercises, homework and role-play. 
The frequency and length of sessions really depends upon the process and on your personal preference. Usually there's a course of six sessions lasting about an hour and a half each. Telephone or Skype sessions are a bit shorter, about 45 minutes.

It Works! Coaching and Counseling:

  • initiates a process of increased awareness;
  • gives insight into yourself and your problems;
  • makes room for a different perspective;
  • creates freedom and new possibilities;
  • and releases you of stress.
The insights you acquire bring about a true and deep change. You are more satisfied and less stressed. You calmly and efficiently approach situations which used to baffle you. More and more often you find yourself able to say "I am truely myself". Relations with other people are more open and honest and you may even feel that, for the first time in your life, you are really in contact with others. If you sometimes feel like merely surviving life, It Works! Coaching and Counseling helps you to actually start living your life.  

The approach of It Works! is easy to learn and to apply independently.